Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Fun times in the Bay.

When I started working with Lagniappe, I never knew that I'd get to drive heavy machinery and even last week, I helped Conrad by driving a large excavator. Wow this is a lot of fun. Cammie and I are moved here, but living in Jeans house, they are supposed to be finished with our house today. I'm going to run by after lunch and see what they lack, shouldn't be much. Cammie and Kate have been great about the transition into chaos and brokenness. Kate has had a few new baby sitters and things are going well with her except for a runny nose. Last night Jordan, led the teams in a time of sharing and talking to them about the fact that God wasn't absent on the day that Katrina hit. He's pretty good at using some of Jean's buzz-words like "muck and the mire." He did a great job leading the short time we had in the evening. I wonder if Jean is out there in a boat somewhere on a wireless internet card, reading the blog and checking in on us... It is amazing thing to see teams sitting where a month ago debris and rubble were standing. I have to tell them, when they come in our small office with air, to really enjoy that air, because it only got hooked up that morning. They had no idea.Things get better here every day. With each day - new leaves come on the trees, new groups go out and forage relationships, and restoration comes, bit by bit, piece by piece here on the Gulf Coast. Please continue to keep us in your prayers, we need stamina and endurance. I stopped after a 12 hour day yesterday and went home to see my family. I felt like I was leaving early, after all 7 am to 7 pm are normal hours here. Jordan and others work far more than that, please keep them in your prayers. I’ve got some great photo’s that I want to get posted, I just have to get them on the computer here. Here is one from last week that I was pretty proud of. Posted by Picasa

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