Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Genesis 1: chaos to order

Last night as Jean was nailing up the map of Bay Saint Louis to the wall, he looked around and noted, "today is our Genesis 1 day: from chaos to order". On Sunday our main building was in a state of disarray. But by dinner on Monday the building had been transformed into an awesomely organized space. Now we not only have a well planned out eating area, but also a green intern office and a living room (complete with coffee tables, candles, and a van seat plywood footstool!) Ryn worked with Jean, a team 'o volunteers, and a few 'terns, to organize our mass of chaos. It was an all day job. As we were moving all the kitchen appliances, food, and tables from one end of the building to the other, it was easy to get overwhelmed with the details of how the space was going to be used and where everything was going to go. Ryn finally took a step back from the kitchen area and looked at what we had done. She said to me "Ya know, when you take a step back, it looks pretty good!" I stepped back to where Ryn was standing and everything seemed to be in its place. It made sense. It looked good. I think it's easy to slip into the mindset of being overwhelmed with the details in our own lives. When we step back and think that the creator of the universe is in charge of the chaos of our lives, it makes sense that things come together like they did yesterday. We underestimate what God can do, so we're suprised when He does something big among us. We really shouldn't be suprised. God is capable and willing to do more than we can imagine, and He has great plans for our lives and for Lagniappe Church. "No one is good enough to save himself. Awake my soul tonight to boast nothing else"-D.Webb

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Les said...

Thanks, I needed that in my own life... It was a very applicable blog entry. I am just so impressed at all the things I read daily that yall are doing and so impressed with the support and people flocking to help yall. God is good. Im sure it seems so overwhelming at times but one heart at a time, right. In all this labor etc., God is using yall in ways that you will never fully realize. Keep the faith and keep on one heart at a time.