Thursday, June 08, 2006

Venice, FLA

From my home state of Florida, The Sunshine State. Led by Bob Alder a team of 14 arrived on the GulfCoast Saturday afternoon and have not stopped since. They split into two teams; one drywalling and the other shed building. They have created quite a production line and become more proficient with each day of work. More importantly they are having stellar interaction with the families they serve. Ashley Lane commented that after making a sandwich for one of the families, the man broke into tears. Prior to that interaction he had been rather standoffish, perhaps experiencing whatever pride he had left, having lost everything. It's amazing how the human heart wraps around whatever will provide comfort. Grief gets stored and repressed until something as insignificant as a sandwich draws it out. We can't emphasize enough that what teams are doing is not building sheds but bringing hope. Teams are not driving nails they are planting a church-one person at a time, one sandwich at a time.

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