Sunday, May 28, 2006

Kicked out Again.

Again, all of my possessions are in my car. Again, I have to move out of where I have been staying. Again, I have to find the next place to occupy. Jean's family has moved down to the Bay and thus the house that was once the office and full of us guys working late into the night as above and who knows who else will not calm down but stay consistent with those causing the rucus. A bunk house is being converted into a residency for the interns and myself but will not be done until late next week or so. Thus, I am living out of my car again for the fifth or sixth time. However, yesterday I took my first showerer in our new facility. This may have been one of the most peace filled shower or moment I have had in awhile. On top of the fact it was a warm shower and I was very dirty and tired it was a shower in our new facility which a month ago still had a flooded Mercedes sitting in the bathroom and a ton of debris piled evreywhere. It is amazing how far we have come, it is amazing how much has been accomplished, it is amazing how big God is. A week of straight debris clean-up with a skidsteer, long, long hours by Dickie and Skeet and the Pinebelt construction boys, Karen our office manager driving forklift to pick houses while Tom the intern on his first day and Jean ran between the bunk houses throwing the blocks out of the way, four days straight of squeezing beneath the bunkhouses to bolt them back together, driving bunkhouses down the road, riping out toilets and water heaters from Morrell to use in our facility, going through paper work and all the permitting necessary to do all of this, and so much more is all that has go on in the past month since we got this property. All this while volunteers helped out in the process, stayed with us, and worked in the community. I need pictures of all this, I will try to put a process down but still it is hard to convey all that has happened and still needs to happen. Back to this shower, it is all coming together and as the saying goes here at Lagniappe their are no heroes in Bay St. Louis except Jesus, because there is no way that any of this could have happened without Him smiling on us. Our building will come together, I may find a place to live for more than one month at a time, the community will be helped through us, and God will have is way and advance is kingdom regardless of us broken not OK folks attempting to serve Him here in Bay St. Louis.


Anonymous said...

I nominate Warner Mitchell as quartermaster.

Anonymous said...

hey jordy, i hope you find a bed to sleep in soon! don't forget i'm praying for you up here, and i hope to see you soon. -beka