Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just a quick update

Since many of you don't know exactly what's going on down here I'll try and give you a quick glimpse in to life at Lagniappe. I got back here tonight around 10:15 PM and this is what I found. Karen (our new office manager) was still working on stuff. She actually asked me if I wanted to do the new database stuff tonight that we needed or if we could put it off to the morning. Yeah, crazy I know. But that's how the work is here. So very much to do. Jean was passed out on his bed, still in his "street clothes". Must have been tired. Ralph Lord was here because he drove a generator that we need for the building over to us from Atlanta. He'll leave first thing in the morning before I even wake up. Jordy still has energy, and we caught up on things on the front porch. Conrad is meeting me in the morning to go to my "new" house to check on the home inspection. We still need a couple of things urgently. One of those is a travel trailer for Karen to stay in with her daughter. If you know someone that doesn't use theirs much, call me, my number is on the web site under contact information. We need this ASAP for her. I added a link to the right for "prayer partners." We have about 85 people signed up to pray for us, tell your friends, lets get some more before the week is up. We need your prayers more than any money. You can also pray for money for the work down here. The "fund a day" or "fund an hour" page will be up by the end of the week for online donations. It's my goal to give every one an easy way to give. In the PCA alone, there are 300,000 members. If we only had 10% of those give a mere $10 dollars, so much could be accomplished. It's late and at the risk of sounding like a infomercial, I'll leave it there, but do remember that no gift is too small, and that the widows mite was blessed by God more than the large gifts of the others. Lastly, we are working on networks of organizations that have resources to give material donations. The HANDS network from Jackson called today with a truckload of paint to be given to us to distribute. There are others out there like that, ready and willing to give, if you know of any please let me know. (662) 803-3282.

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