Friday, May 19, 2006

You wouldn't believe it unless you saw it first hand

We have so much going on today. It's been a wild week at Lagniappe, I'm going to shoot a 360 degree video of what's going on so you get a sense of things. By the way, if you are anywhere near south MS and you don't have plans for tomorrow (or even if you do), I'll make some for you. Get down here, don't call, put on some work clothes and show up. Directions are on the web site. Conrad can work about 10 people and Jordan can use another 5 or so easily. We have some on-site doing plumbing, too... There is just a lot to be done. By the way, that is Jean in the photo, what he's doing on a lift truck I have no idea, but apparently there's so much to do that yes, even he has to help. ;)

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