Thursday, May 11, 2006

You might think we are crazy...

Talking to Cammie tonight she mentioned Jeans audio blog from earlier today. I clicked play and heard these words "today is wednesday..." He really didn't know what day it is. That's just a snap shot of how hard he and Jordy are working down here... Below you'll see how hard Jordy slept earlier this week after moving a house. It didn't bother him at all that Jean's trophies were overlooking his mattress on the floor. That is tired. We are all tired. I'm feeling much better after yesterdays massive headache. Thanks to those of you who prayed, it left shortly after I sent the prayer request email (and took some meds that Jean gave me.) Things are changing so fast at the property it's amazing to watch every day. Dickie, Giles, Skeet and "whats-his-name" were are putting in a hard day today. Missy and Conrad got back today and missy whipped up some fine cooking for supper and fed the crew and Jean, Jordy and myself. I'm headed back to Louisville tomorrow to see my sweet family, they have been so supportive while I've been down here today. We should close on both houses in the next 2-3 weeks. We can't wait to get down here full time. Thanks for all the help of folks this week. Dean, Bruce, Sam and so many others have given so much effort to getting us ready to go. Keep us in your prayers. Lots of travel by staff this weekend. Jean goes to Kosi (that hard-to-spell town in central ms) then on to Memphis,I will head to Louisville first thing in the morning, Jordy has some plans to go somewhere and we all are taking a much needed Mothers Day Break. Posted by Picasa

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