Friday, May 05, 2006

Katrina First, Then the Chicken and the Egg

Melody Meredith Spencer and Ann Ann Ann and Mark Yesterday night we knew we had 7 folks coming in from Holy Cross out of Vicksburg, MS. As we are contemplating about where to work this team and what we needed to get done Jean comes back from being out to dinner with this team. Meredith, pictured above and pastor of the church, was the youth director that brought Jean to Christ. Turns out that this church already had plans. Melody, pictured with the camera had connected with a family while being down here shortly after the storm. The family is Ann and Bob and their son Mark. Mark has down syndrome. Before the storm Mark and his parents had 50 chickens which they cared for and then sold their eggs at the local farmers market. Holy Cross, the church Meredith pastors and Melody is a member of, decided to come down and build chicken coops and bring down chickens to get this family back on its feet. They are giving this family back their income along with something that brought joy to their lives before the storm. The saying around Lagniappe church talking about God's provisions is that "Lord, we know that you own the cattle on a thousand hills, and that You will provide." Well, apparently He owns chickens also to help provide. Holy Cross brought down 6 chickens or so along with 30 chicks. Mark already had eggs at the end of today and before long he aught to have back his operation of 50 chickens in no time. Not only on top of all this fun it turns out this is the mother of a family that we had already helped due to Curt working with her son-in-law through Hospice. The Lord lets us here at Lagniappe be part of some of His most fun plans. I know this was a long blog with many pictures but it was just such a fun day seeing all of this take place. Please check out the website for more pictures and if you are ever in Bay St. Louis on a Wednesday, look for Mark at the Farmers Market down on Coleman Avenue and buy some eggs. The question of what came first, the chicken or the egg, well, either way this family has bit of their pre-Katrina life back and a great testimony of what Christ can do through His Children.

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