Monday, May 08, 2006

Welcome Interns

Austin Tom
These are five of the ten interns who will be serving at Lagniappe this summer. They will provide service in the following areas:
The Pastoral Intern's responsibility is on the relational side of the ministry, behind the building projects. Ideally, these interns would accompany teams, perhaps guide them to the work sites, but once there, would visit with the families or individuals involved. The intern's role will be vital as he/she will be the face of the mercy ministry of Lagniappe Church. We need the intern to visit with the individuals, hear their stories, note their current needs, evaluate their ability to support themselves financially, and note where they are spiritually and feel the freedom to discuss their faith. As teams continue to work, the intern will rotate around families, and most-importantly, we'll have the intern do follow-ups with families we've already helped.
The Work Site Intern's will be involved with the day-to-day on-site work, leading, teaching, supervising, and working with teams in the area of sheet-rocking, roofing, or shed building. There is a real need for individuals who either know how to roof or sheetrock or who are handy and can learn to assemble sheds (You will also be trained). The interns will also be responsible for accessing needs and scheduling work for their specific team for the week.
The Administrative/Maintenance Interns will be Andy Chapman's support as he does the business side and administrative work for Lagniappe Church. This role could include anything from data entry, finances, web updating, etc
The Lagniappe Facility Interns will rotate around the varying needs of the church site. This could include but is not limited to recruiting volunteers to work in the kitchens, do cleanup around the bunk houses, organize activities for young children that cannot to the work sites.
We are grateful to God for providing Lagniappe with a quality team of young adults who desire to "Particiapte in the Restoration" in the Bay and Waveland. Please pray for them as they complete finals and prepare to begin serving with us at the end of this month.

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