Monday, May 08, 2006

They Call Me the Breeze, I Keep Rolling Down the Road...

  So who knew the job description of a two-week team leader for MTW would include picking up and moving houses. Thats Lagniappe for ya. So over the last few days I have been part of picking up and moving our bunkhouses. These bunkhouses break into 12 by 40 ft sections which then have to be driven down the road. Thanks to Bill Conway our house mover we have moved 2 totat bunkhouses. That is 2 trips per bunkhouse and thus we have a total of 12 trips to make due to the 6 bunkhouses we must move. So far I have driven 3 of the 4 trips and successfully I might add, successful but slow. Hopefully we will be done soon, these 14 hour days are getting rough. Moral of the story is, come down here for the summer and stay in these bunkhouses because all of this work is so our teams could have a roof and air conditioning, I wanted to put you in tents. Good thing for ya'll Jean is looking out for ya. Special thanks to Bruce and Drew for all their tremendous help and putting in long days while down from Pennsylvania and taking time off from work to do so. Posted by Picasa


Mom said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Jordan!
Happy Birthday to you!
Congrats on your 24th birthday!
We love you!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I am proud. I would like to think that I taught you some of that stuff but now it looks as if you will teach me. Did I tell you, I tipped Matt's excavator over! Luckly I was wearing my seat belt! Be safe down there and don't get hurt.