Sunday, May 07, 2006

This One Goes Out to the Teams I Left Behind...

One of the great blessings of this job is meeting and seeing all of the teams coming down to serve. It is also the hard part of the job of seeing the teams go and leave. These past two weeks has been hard because we have been in the process of getting our new property ready. We have not been able to connect or have as much contact with the teams as we all have been pulled in so many directions. So to all the teams that have come and gone recently, to all those who all we did was tell you what to do in the morning and then we left you behind to find out later what you accomplished after you left, thank you so much. We have have made so much progress because of you and we have still been able to work in the community because of ya'll. We appreciate you and love you for coming down here to help with what the Lord is doing. Ya'll make it happen even when we are not around. Come back again so we can get to know you once everything settles in by June 1. It won't settle down but hopefully we will settle in.

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