Saturday, May 27, 2006

Is anyone out there?

As I sit in my house in Louisville, for one final Saturday, one final weekend and I enjoy the A/C unit's power I noticed that we haven't updated the blog in several days. That could mean one of two things...Either we packed it up and left, or we've been so busy on the ground in Bay St. Louis that we haven't had time to blog. I can't sum it all up here, there are so many things going on, but I will say this, the office has been moved to a "temporary" office, on site, and the internet is up there, but I'm pretty sure there isn't any A/C in that office. There wasn't any friday when I left at 5:45 PM. Jean's house was in good shape for the pending move from Memphis, the grass mowed, the porch tidyed, the house scoured by the interns ready for the Larroux family. The Chapmans are preparing to make a trip down one last time... in a moving van. We are planning on closing on our house here by the end of the week and will hopefully be down there Thursday night or Friday AM. Note to interns: please help us unpack!!! We could probably get it all done in a couple of hours no problem. June first is so close, we are scrambling to get the property ready, and the bunkhouses finished out. We have teams from all over that are working to get those ready for occupancy. I've seen them all, but haven't met them all. I didn't even get to take any photos except for this one of Jackson Larroux who had a fun night on Thursday, and arrived home at4:15 AM via a squad car. Things are very busy right now, we are catching up, and we will be returning all those phone calls that need to be made. Jean had over 20 voice mails the other day. Just makes me sick thinking about it, not that he has 20 people that tried to call, but calling and having that many conversations is a lot of talking. Please be patient with all of us. Kimberly Allen (new intern) is helping return calls for some of the staff. It is little things like that, that make a big difference. Ok well, I'm about to go to the pool and catch up on being "daddy" this weekend. Keep LPC in your prayers. If you are going to be around Louisville, MS this week, let me know you can help me pack and load a truck. ;)

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