Friday, October 12, 2007

2007 Women In the Church Conference

Lagniappe recently hosted the annual Women In the Church Conference for Grace Presbytery. Over 150 women attended, new officers were installed, and a wonderful lunch was served. Kelly Moore started the meeting off with introductions.
Sarah Denton, Lagniappe's Resource Coordinator, spoke to the crowd about Lagniappe's mission and vision for Bay St. Louis.
Ruth Friant, not pictured, gave a rousing rendition of "Santa Baby" while doing the dishes afterwards. Our staff knows how to have a good time while working!


Jersey Ryn said...

oh ruth, oh gosh...hahha ha.

lynne, thanks for blogging!!
i miss you all so much.

Lindsey said...

SD- the LRC at LPC in BSL, MS of the GC near NOLA. yeahh anyone reminiscing about the GA Elvis video?