Monday, October 01, 2007

Put your money where your ART is!

Our local high school, Bay High, has approached Lagniappe because of some serious funding needs in their art department. As you can imagine the sports teams and other clubs have received lots of national funding for various needs, but the art department was totally destroyed and needs some serious help. The teacher was a bit skeptical of even asking- he said, "I've made this list twenty times and no one has come through yet..." Okay, so here's the challenge- please consider giving a gift for the total amount of their needs. The PDF file of their exact needs is available by clicking here. All gifts through Lagniappe are tax deductible. We'd love to bulk order the supplies listed, have them delivered here and then have you join us for the delivery at the local school. Help us show a little (alot) of lagniappe to the local public school! (Approx. total cost $6,000)


Kathy Spencer said...

Count us in for $50 (wish it could be more)
The Spencer's
(Meri's parents)

Joanna said...

I will spread the word in Jackson. May God continue to bless you all.
Joanna Prince