Thursday, October 18, 2007

Up on the Big Top

Once again, a find day in the Bay and –Ladies and Gentlemen – the circus is in town! Please direct your view skyward where you will behold the daring, the limber, the fearsome kids of Covenant College – looking somewhat like a flock of seagulls – perching, hopping, and scurrying nimbly over the incredible heights of the Russo Roof!!! Believe you me, this is NOT for the faint of heart! I repeat, even the ascent – as I go up to join the Fearsome – is NOT for the faint of heart! Whoops! Note to self: DO NOT LOOK DOWN!!! I reach the peak and all is amazing, all is fantastic, all is how it should be when shingling a roof! GO TEAM!!! GO JORDAN!!! Oh, excuse me – forgot to introduce you – that’s Jordan to the left: Ringmaster, Chainsaw Juggler, Hot-Dog Eating Man of Muscle! Roof View to the Left: On the eighth day, God created college students, I’m just not quite sure what happened to these two…maybe it’s the thin air up here on the peaks…warped ‘em or something… Roof View to the Right: A scream goes up, and it is a near tragic day in the history of Lagniappe as the Talented, the Tight-Rope-Walking Bug-Eating Man of the Mind – Andrew Thompson – is found fighting for his very life!!!! The struggle is long and hard and finally comes to an end when Jordan, who frequents Dagobah in his spare time, utilizes his powers to lower Andrew back down to the ground. (Side note: I was so stunned by this sequence of events, that I totally forgot about the camera and missed the whole thing. Jordan, however, obliged me with my own little demonstration as shown below.) Yoda would be proud!!! Once again on the ground, Andrew shows no signs of his near-catastrophic end and is found here calmly discussing the pros and cons of chopping off one’s fingers. YOU GO GIRL!!!
And here it is – one final look at the row of seagulls. It’s been a fine day!
P.S. Sparky says hi – “HI!!!”


Lindsey said...

I miss Sparky- what a good (boy/girl). The progress on this house is amazing- having seen how much has happened in two months since I've been gone is great- oh to muck out the piling holes again.

Also- Ruth you clearly have too much time on your hand. I hear there are some toilets in the ladies bathroom that may need some plunging. Cheers!

Jersey Ryn said...


and, i'm surprised there were cons to finger chopping. someone's come a long way. :P

as has the russo house. go team go!

Trigger said...

There are only cons to finger chopping if you are a pessimist.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!!! Those pics are AMAZING! My name is Amy and I was there this summer and I worked on the exact same house as in the pics! We were the framing team. We put up the frames of all the interior walls and we also raised the tresses up on top of the roof! It was the best feeling in the world to raise those 150 lb. tresses up there, nail them in, and then sit up there and look at all God had done through us! A bunch of us just sat there and sang at the top of our lungs for a couple minutes because we were sooo happy! It was such an awesome time! It is such a miracle to see it basically all finished. Some of us carved our names into one of the posts. It has come such a long way! PRAISE GOD!!! Thanks soo much for posting those pics. One of our guys found them and sent it out to us! I'm glad you guys had a good time working on the house! Rock on and God bless!
AMY :)

Juice said...

Thanks girl! Glad ya'll liked 'em!!