Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Name This LPC Staff

1) Starts most - if not all - sentences with "Aawwww"
2) Is known around LPC as "The Doorkeeper"
3) Has often been mistaken in conversation for a a well-know country music singer


Jersey Ryn said...

awwww, i know i know!..... ;)
it's my roomie!

there are not words for how much i miss y'all.

Roberdeau said...

awww...she sent me my jump drive in the mail and called it 'cute' in the note she sent. haha, it was great!
thanks Keri

Lindsey said...

Her name is Carried Underwood- More affectionately called Carrie Underpants and... Ryn you were a squatter silly- not her roommate ;) love you

Jersey Ryn said...

yeah, & remember that time i just met you & then promptly threw up? that was good times. :P

love you too.

(ps, once exams are over & i stop checking this thing a thousand times a day to procrastinate, i'm sensing i'll have to make a more concerted effort to send pointed one liners your way...i mean...keep in touch. :P so, how about that 11th-17th, squatter?? :P)