Monday, October 22, 2007

Dress Code and a Full House

Holly sports the casual but still cool and dressed up Andrew goes warm but not so casual Ruth shows her colors Keri is a wuss So we catch her not looking However, the best part of Sunday was a full house thanks to the Habitat volunteers from Willow Creek here for the week blitz build of seven houses. Unfortunately the weather has been rough but still they have stayed on schedule. Please thank the Lord for bringing volunteers to the Bay and pray for their safety as the weather pounds and is predicted to continue to pound their efforts. But please come and forget the Sunday best but remember those rain jackets, that is far more important to the staff and the residents here in Bay Saint Louis. We rather you be dry and busy for the week and just here no matter what on Sunday.

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Juice said...

Thanks Jordan. Sorry, Keri- guess I have to eat my words.