Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Punch Lists and Pre-inspection Tasks.

Cox: Install Baffles, rehook up sink vent, handrail cap, hand rail at end of porch, plumbing, water, and electrical hook ups, move pump electrical from temp pole to house, finish hardi plank. Givens: install switch, closet light, triple switch cover, single switch cover in bedroom and bathroom, XL outlet cover in living room to cover drywall, TV cable plate in bedroom, thresholds, bathroom light, hot water heater, hot water heater drain, toilet, vanity and vanity light, find range hood cord, hook up grinder pump to electrical box, hook up plumbing, and install well. Howell: Fix washer drain, hook up exhaust fan, hook in water heater lines, frame in attic access, dryer vent into house, drain HVAC, wire for sewage grinder, wire for water pump Russo: wire for sewage grinder, hook up exhaust fan, wire for pump, install brackets/bracing to pass framing inspection Anne Jordan: well its long...before we can pass inspections to hang sheetrock. Medrano: hook up grinder electrical and pump electrical, install countertops and kitchen sink, call for Certificate of Occupancy, move Azucena in. Eddie Perez: strap, hook up electrical and plumbing, call for Certificate of Occupancy, move Eddie in. Here are some of the urgent tasks that lay infront of Clyde, Andrew, and Kenley in which we are very close to moving people in or moving quickly on to the next step in which alot more work can take place once we cross this threshold. This does not include Sprouses needed hand rails and stairs and all the work to do at Gillium's. So, if you can handle this work one, come down and work for a week, two come down and live here, we need some help. Pray that the Lord will provide Lagniappe with the volunteers that can handle this work and full-time help to help us supervise this work.

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