Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mission to Mississippi

Mission to Mississippi is building 8 homes by February 1st in the Waveland, Mississippi. Lagniappe Staffer, Ryan Kalberkamp has been prepping and doing all the groundwork for this project. This week 30 framers from Massachusetts have come down and been going great guns! This framing work was started on Tuesday, October 16th- yes, you read that right, Tuesday (as in 2 days ago) the 16th. (NOTE: I can only get the video to work in Firefox, sorry- see note below)

Camera Image

This is a live camera feed on the 4 lots that shows the progress in real time. The camera rotates on the 4 lots every 30 seconds. See if you can spot Ryan Kalberkamp!

NOTE: You may have to install the ActiveX control to view the live video!

P.S. for some reason I cannot get this to display in Explorer, so if you are using explorer and frustrated goto- and link directly to the "Mission to Mississippi" website and see the cams there. If you are a computer guru and can help me, lemme know!

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Lindsey said...

I think I only have one word for this, and that is WOW.