Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In Use...

Our long requested and hoped for hand planar John still bugs me for wheelbarrows, just not as much Never before have we been able to stock pile due to having enough supplies The sticker next to one of our donated fans sums it up well. Early September we received two pallets worth of tools from Harrie den Boer and the Geisler Company. This blog is a bit late seeing it is now mid-October and these pictures are unfortunately not a picture of the pallets received or a spread of all the tools we received. An hour after tearing into the pallet much of what was given was dispersed into the tool crib or claimed by staff for work. Ryan drove out five minutes afterwards with marking paint to lay out his foundations and Andrew stock piled his already full truck. What we got were all the essentials to keep a tool crib running, drill bits, safety glasses, sand paper, air hoses, trowels, griding wheels, marking paint, fans, etc. Our belt sander died yesterday and we got enough free sand paper for a belt sander that when we go to replace it we will base what we buy on size of the stuff we were given. We also did get some skill saws, reciprocating saws, drills, and finally a hand planar. So thank you to Eifrid and Company, United Bronze Inc, TNT Tools, Glenco Sales Company, Carborundum Abrasives, Ed Howe and Associates, Morse Cutting Tools, Titan Fasteners, R & R Marketing Inc, and Geisler Company. UPS even donated the shipping. I was especially grateful late this Saturday afternoon when we had to fix a busted sewer line and we had the nitrile gloves in the trucks to wear due to this donation.

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