Wednesday, October 24, 2007

sorority girls?

Yes....that's a sorority girl with a screw-gun! Last weekend, three kappa delta girls from Furman university challenged the sorority girl stereotype. They gave up a lot of fun opportunities afforded college students for fall break, and chose instead to come volunteer in Mississippi. They screwed screws, hung cabnatry, installed kitchen appliances and a toilet... and they had fun doing it! They got to enjoy a little local flavor too. They spent their first night eating dinner with Mrs. Inez Pope who cooks dinner at her house for the Lagniappe staff once a week. Then they got to experience "Mocktoberfest," the Mockingbird's version of an Octoberfest-complete with German music, German costumes, bratwersts, and beer. Of course, as they are my sorority sisters and friends from Furman, I am maybe a little biased...but even non-sorority folks appreciated their work and attitude! Thanks for coming girls, and enjoy your new found power tool skills. oh yeah, and come on back :)

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Jersey Ryn said...

ohman it's christy dale elfhand shores!!! I MISS YOU CHRISTY!!

and ohgosh, oh wow--mocktoberfest. ohgosh, oh wow. only in the bay. love it.