Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dime Tour of the Wild And Wondrous World

Alright now, Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up for the world famous Lagniappe House Tour as presented by Their Ladyships, Lynne and Ruth.
First stop: The Russo House!!! YEAH!!!! Shown here is Vanna White demonstrating the doorframe height as originally intended in the house plans. Obviously, the builder is a short man who has a talent for bringing things down to his level!!!
"That's right, fellas - coming to Lagniappe requires great courage and the ability to not only climb UP the ladder, but also to come back DOWN!" This poor soul was found at the back of the house, the rest of the team having given up on him and gone on coffee break. (He was still there when last we checked....)
Next up: the Thayer House, where we come upon a strange sight - "Les Newsom" is rehearsing his sermon in front of a loyal following!!
"Practice your sermon on your own time, Pal!!!"
We LOVE these kids from the University of Alabama!!! And, Erin Champlin, who needs ya?!
Meanwhile, James Belonzi, YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!!!! Brainerd Pres to LPC, Brainerd Pres to LPC - "Houston, here is the problem!"
Beemmmmp! Beeeemmmmp! Beeemmmmmp! We interrupt this tour for a short battle as we are attacked by the terrifying Inspectoider Tribe. But never fear, Andrew has taught Ruth all sorts of weaponry, and she is ready!!!!!

Victory is ours!!!!!!!!!! We continue the tour.
Here is Clyde - expert builder, teacher, and poster child for "Old Guys Rule, Inc." Here he is siding the Cox Home with three stragglers from Covenant College.
(Background straggler says) "I wonder what's for lunch..."
It may have taken the whole tour, but at last we have found a house that has it all - cabinets, floors, fans, and doors of the right height!!!
Whether you're on the inside looking out or the outside looking in, progress is happnin'!! Hope you enjoyed the tour! Tips are accepted.


Jersey Ryn said...

ruth!!! its been way too long since your last blog. despite the bizarre latent hostility, LOVED this one. :) :) nice work fighting off the inspectors. :P

ps the festival today was cool. lots of free samples. ;)

sd said...

i'm laughing so hard right now it's not even funny

for those who read these comments...I live with the tall red-head armed with pneumatic guns...prayers are accepted!

Lindsey said...

just be glad that she is somewhat more towards a blonde- and that she doesn't have the air hoses hooked up to the guns- you are safe Sarah my dear.

Jersey Ryn said...

nice observations linds. :)
(did ya see that saints game tonight?? heck yeah!)

don't stop believin

Lindsey said...

any news on the Howell house? has building resumed or is it still at a halt?

Anonymous said...

love that RIT pink tee!!!

Roberdeau said...

i thoroughly enjoyed this post. Thanks!